Finding out which notes are in a MIDI-entered chord symbol

Hi all,

I’ve input some chords using my MIDI keyboard a while ago. My music theory is weak/rusty, so I really appreciate Dorico generating the chord names and symbols for me, based on what I play.

Now however, I have a problem: I can’t remember the voicing that I played for a chord, and I can’t reconstruct it from listening to the chord playback. Moreover, I don’t understand how Dorico chose to notate the chords. They’re shown as:

“D bass | F”
“C bass | Fm”

Is there any way to get Dorico to show me the notes in the stored MIDI voicing as sheet music or active keys on the built-in software keyboard or something? Alternatively, can anyone tell me what these chord symbols mean?

Thank you!

If you create a keyboard part (even a temporary one) and have Dorico Generate Notes from Chord Symbol, you should be able to see the voicing of your chord(s).