Finding Spectral Layers One


I just upgraded to Cubase Pro 11 last week and I can’t seem to find Spectral Layers One.
When I go to Audio > Extensions, Melodyne is there and that is all.
Where is the Spectral Layers One?
I have been reading the forums and I am getting the sense that it is a add on or separate download.
I must have been sick the day they explained all this.
I want to remix and mash up. Please help!?!

SL One is a separate download. It is presented as such in the Download Assistant. Download and install it from there, if you haven’t done so already.


I have the same problem. SL One was present previously, but now is gone.

I have done the following:

  • Reinstalled SL One using standalone installer “SpectraLayers_7.0.20_Installer_win”
  • Tried installing SL Pro using standalone installer “SpectraLayers_7.0.21_Installer_win”
  • Tried installing SL One and Pro via Download Assistant
  • Re-installed C11 Pro

None of these steps have work.

Any suggestions?

Do you not get the standalone or the ara? Or both are missing?

The standalone version of SL One works perfectly.

And ARA in C11 Pro also exists and works perfectly with Melodyne.

My problem is specific to SL One within C11 (under Extensions): SL One is no longer on the list of available Extensions (only Melodyne shows up).

Have you tried completely uninstalling spectral layers… Get rid of it all, and be sure to delete any leftovers in program files and programdata and then installing again (7.0.21)

Sorry can’t be more help!

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Actually, uninstalling and re-installing just worked.

Thanks for the suggestion!


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Great news glad your up & running!!