Finding the optimal customisation for the keyboard in Write mode.

Just starting to explore Dorico and very pleased to find a complete new approach to Music notation which I very much like.

Looking at the layout and key-commands in Write mode, I see that the numeric keypad commands can be customised.
In exploring the customisation of keys (for now in the Write mode) I was wandering what more experienced users have found to be the optimal customisation for the numeric keypad and the rest of the keyboard.

Look forward to your findings.

Thanks in advance.


At Marc’s recommendation, I mapped 1 and 2 along the top of the keyboard (left side) to shorten and lengthen my rhythmic grid. I found this very helpful, since I rarely use 64th notes!

I also mapped the big + and - keys on the keypad to shift the octave up and down. I use this constantly.

Since F11 is full screen, I use F10 to toggle signpost on and off, and F12 to show or hide bar numbers in Galley View (these are all View functions).

I don’t really like chord mode and I much prefer to use the interval popover, so I mapped that to Q. So adding a note a third above the existing one is Q, 3, Enter.

Since Z and X are Zoom out/in, I mapped Alt-Z and Alt-X to Page Width and Page Height respectively. It’s a quick way to compare layouts at the same Zoom level.

Ctrl-Alt-P to Propagate Properties
Ctrl-Shift-R to Remove Rests
Ctrl-Shift-F1 to Select to end of Flow

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the program!

Hi Dan,

Thanks for sharing your findings. I will definitely look into this and adjust mine.
For now my notation activities are mainly notating choral music and later on Jazz Bigband en some smaller groups.
I also find it very refreshing that most (if not all) commands can be performed on the keyboard and very scaresly use the mouse.

Have a good day!


I also have Filter Select/Deselect assigned to Shift-1 and Shift-2.

Here’s my adjustments, if it gives you some more ideas:
1 - SetupMode
2 - WriteMode
3 - EngraveMode
4 - guess what?
NumPad set to Sibelius’ shortcuts for notelengths
NumPad + - : grid size
F10 - toggle PageView/GalleyView
F12 - toggle Panels on/off
Ctrl+3 - write triad (needs some twerking in json file)
Alt+F1 to Alt+F3 - special Texts such as Cue Text, custom ones,…
Alt+Shift+1 - move to voice 1
Alt+Shift+2 - move to voice 2
some more adjusted shortcuts to select Lyrics, Chords, etc…

Reading @darkraider’s shortcuts I think I’ll add some of his!

Dark Raider… ooh, I like the sound of that… :sunglasses:

Thanks for additional info. Will look into it.

Also nice suggestions. Thanks a lot.