Finding VSTI output on the mixer when selecting channel

When I select a channel in the main window it highlights the channel in my mix console. This works fine for wave channels. but when I select a VST instrument channel it only selects the midi in but not the actual audio out of the VST instrument. So I end up searching for it by eye which is usually a pain and can I sometimes forget even why I was looking for it when I have a lot of channels!

How do you make it so it selects the audio out of the VSTI when you select the VSTI channel in the main window?

I’m using Cubase 10.


Do you use multi-outs of the Virtual Instrument?

If no, in the MixConsole, you can see the output Channel (not the MIDI In). Instrument track (without the mutli-out) is a MIDI Track In, Audio Return Out.

If you are using multi-outs, then it’s more complicated. The Audio Returns of the Instruments are an Automation tracks, in fact. Moreover Cubase doesn’t know, which MIDI Track is routed to which Audio Return (because this is an internal plug-in routing). So you cannot select the MIDI Track in the Project window and expect to select the Audio Return in the MixConsole in this case.