Finding which Cubase functions you use the most

Hey everyone!

I recently was lucky enough to acquire a whole bunch of CMC controllers, so I’d like to map out the functions that I use the most into the function keys within the Remote Devices section of Cubase.

But beyond the ones that are obvious for me, I can’t think of which would be the most effective to add as shortcuts, and I’d like to take an empirical approach.

My question is:

Is there a way to have Cubase tell me exactly which shortcuts I use the most frequently?

Thanks in advance!

No, Cubase does not keep a record of what shortcuts you used. But it should be easy? Start working with the CMC’s and figure out what you can’t do with them what you normally can in your normal workflow. You’ll know soon enough what you need to program?

If you’ve been working on a session for awhile, you could open the edit history and count. Kinda tedious, but… :neutral_face: If you did this on a variety of Projects before closing the project for a week or so you’d end up with a lot of data. No need to count the stuff used infrequently. Probably don’t even need to be very exact - maybe just glancing through and eyeballing the top items would be sufficient.

Also check your CMC units, I think there are limits on how many can be used for each flavor.