Fine grain moves

Dear Doricians,

You possibly already know that, but I discovered this lately, and I’ve made a great use of it on graphically dense music : you can move items in very small increments adding cmd(ctrl on PC I suppose)+shift to the alt-arrow command. It moves stuff by 1/32 space. GREAT ! no, TINY !
All in all, soooo useful. Thanks team. BTW, I did not find this in the manual. Maybe a little note could be added to the Move items paragraph ? Thanks in advance, Lillie, and apoligies if it is somewhere else.


Don’t worry Marc, it’s already on my list. Got some plans in this area…

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Marc, I’m glad you’ve shared this. I was unaware of this feature. I’m thrilled that Dorico has matured to the point that I cannot remember all the nifty things it can do anymore.

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Now included in the iPad manual :slight_smile: