fine tune Space Size

hello, the behaviour of adjusting Space Size in Layout Options has changed in 1.2.
I can not use the arrows anymore to fine tune the Staff Size:

Space Size, no fine tuning.png

It’s true that the paddles increment and decrement by 1mm, which is generally too large for that specific control. You can still of course type a new value in there.

ah, yes this works. Would be nice to have the “old” behaviour back there though…
It was incrementing and decrementing by 0.1mm, wasn’t it?

No, it was never in mm before, and instead always in pt.

ah, yes it was in pt. - and that is why we could fine tune :slight_smile:

But since 1.2 it doesn’t react as before with pt selected in preferences either. So something has happened to this behavior.
I also wish the old one back.

Daniel, Can we get the original “fine tuning” back for this? It’s not useful (to me at least, but probably most) as it now works in 1.2.

The screen shots say it all, original, decrement (hitting down arrow once from original), and increment (hitting up arrow once from original):

Yes, I have heard your complaints about this loud and clear.

Hi Daniel,

thanks for changing this in version 1.2.10.!
When I see it correctly, pressing up or down will now change the value by 0.1 mm. Pressing Shift + up or down will change the amount by 1 mm.
It would be nice, if you could change the value by 0.01 mm when pressing e.g. Alt + up or down. Just an idea. 0.1 mm is still quite a big step for fine tuning. Not very important. It just came into my mind, after I found out about the shift + up or down feature.


One feature that could be improved likewise is the space size field in the properties panel — when selecting a System break, it would be great that when the user enables the space size toggle, the field would automatically be filled with the value used before the change (instead of 1,75mm that I never use), and when the user uses the arrows, the incremental step would be 0,1mm instead of 1mm.
Thank you!

Yes absolutely. I have just struggled with this yesterday and intended to bring it up here. Marc was faster. Thanks Marc.