Fine tuning automation and automation curves

Two questions:

How do you fine tune an automation point? Can you key in values? Holding shift while toggling the point doesn’t seem to give you more precision like it does with a fader.

Is there anyway to assign a curve between two automation points? Or will it always be a straight line? I’d like to draw an exponential curve or a logarithmic one without using multiple points to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to edit curves if they have to be comprised of numerous points?


I always fine tune it in the Inspector of the Project window.

Sorry, there is no other line than the straight one between two nodes.

Hello ChitownRolla,

To get your straight lines smoother : Go to the automation panel, hit settings icon in lower left,
then set the reduction level to 0%
The line tool has a parabola function to make smooth curves

You can use the info line to manually enter values after selecting a point

Hope that helps