Fine tuning automation points

Hello, I am searching for a way to fine adjust automation points in cubase with the mouse.
On reaper you could fine adjust automation points or even lanes by holding shift/ctrl. Doing so the point moved kinda half the speed the mouse moved. Thats very useful in some scenarios.

I wonder if there is something similar in Cubase?

Bump! I have a feeling there is not something similar to this in Cubase…

Not exactly the same, but if you select the Automation Point then you can drag the Value Field on the Info Line to change it. Holding shift while dragging will give you finer resolution.

Thanks for the info, I knew that already… Looking for a fast way to do it directly on the lane. I tried every possible modifier, but none worked :frowning:

You know, holding shift, then dragging the automation point would make a great feature request! Much easier than moving the mouse all the way up to the info line.

Yep. It was actually first suggested about 15 years ago. When people suggest that the next version should focus on littlle details this is what they’re talking about. It’s the little things that make the most difference. I know it doesn’t increase sales like sexy features but…

I use (Keyboard Macro) a macro that will move the point up or down by 1. The mouse moves to the value field and changes the value.

Not what u want but maybe a work around to increase the size of the automation lane with key command like shift S which gives greater control