Fine Tuning Positioning


Is there a way, in Engrave Mode, to select a frame of any kind, and use the U-D-L-R arrows to move it by a hemi-demi-semi-mili-meter?

This frame-based layout is absatively posolutely fantabulously supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! :mrgreen:

Have you tried to use the properties panel (cmd-8) when a frame is selected in Frames mode on (Engrave mode) ? I guess you can change whatever hemi-millimeter there :wink:

Thank you, but that’s guess work for me; I don’t know how many “points” will make my eyes happy.

It’s like mixing with meters when your ears are telling you something is too far left. :slight_smile:

A very quick search on Google gives me 1 point = 0.352777778 mm
So I would see this as 1 pt is quite 1/3mm…

You will be able to move frames with Alt+arrow keys in Engrave mode in version 1.1.

Nice! Thanx! :slight_smile: