Finer quantize grid in the Key Editor


Currently, it seems that the smaller quantize value in the Key Editor is a demisemiquaver. May we have smaller values? This can be very useful when editing CC data, and drawing very fast modulations.

Better yet, it would be a totally free mode, with no snapping to grid at all.


The grid in the automation editor is indeed always for 32nd notes / demisemiquavers. We judged that this was a sufficiently fine-grained resolution, which I think is surely the case, except perhaps at very slow tempos?

Yes, that’s the case. While most ‘popular’ music is recorded at around 120bpm, it is typical of ‘academic’ contemporary music to be written around 60bpm, to match the actual duration in seconds (one crotchet = 1 second).

Baroque music can go even slower, with tempi of around 40bpm not so uncommon.

In these cases, modulating a vibrato would require a much greater resolution. Under 32th, I would suggest to go completely free, with no quantization at all.


Agreed. There should definitely be a no-quantization option. That’s typically used in DAWs for fine-tuning the rhythmic feel and other such subtleties. In any case, 1/32 is too coarse.

In Dorico 4.1, it seems to me that the CC quantization is much finer than in the previous versions. I see I can draw freehand curves with points apparently nearer than 1/32th.


Yes, we have greatly increased the resolution of the MIDI CC editor in Dorico 4.1. You should find it’s more than sufficient now.

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