Fingered Tremolo playback

I’m trying to notate this (which I figured out) and get it to play back properly which it doesn’t. I’ve searched this forum as well as the manual but can’t find anything. Rather than playing a fingered tremolo, it plays them together as a bowed tremolo. I also tried typing it in as an ornament with a M3 for 1st violins and m3/m2 for seconds but that sounds terrible. Maybe it is what it is but just wondered if I’m missing something basic.

I am using NPPE with CSS in this case. I’m not expecting any sort of sampled trem but just a smoother sounding generated one if possible.

This is an example of what I’m trying to do.


I guess you would need real samples of fingered tremolo to have this sound realistically (& I would be surprised, if those existed).

@k_b I don’t doubt you’re right. I really just wondered if there was something I was missing.

VSL Elite Strings has 3rd trills (major and minor) and they have an artificial mute option. The trills start with the lower tone but it is possible to cut the first tone with the sample start offset tool.

Aah yeah that’s right and I have Elite strings LOL

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