Fingerings 8 and 9 not working

I am trying to input fingerings between 1 and 12.
They all work, but: the fingerings 8 and 9 do not display.
I feel that Dorico is not satisfied with what I am doing.
Can someone please point me to a solution?

Also, if I try to replace the missing fingerings with text, the numbers look different, I guess I should choose a different font:

fingering text font - Academico 8 regular?

What do fingerings higher than 5 mean in this context?

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I am using the fingerings to display the numbers in a Serialism composition, see this example:

As the fingering font looks perfect in Dorico, I would like to use it in this context.
Interestingly 6, 7, 10, 11, 12 are no problem.

Weird, yes the 8 and 9 does not show up on my end as well. It works if I use it under the figured bass function (shift G). I would say go with using figured bass throughout, though the font matches well with finger fonts too. Figured bass is under neath the note, fingering is above.

Same for me - I can go higher than 12 - I tried 133, and it worked!

I’m puzzled, though: I understand using fingerings for pitch numbering, but why would the fingering mode include numbers above 5? These kind of things are always so well thought through, that there must be some kind of reason. But why no 8 and 9?

Part of some Dorico secret code, no doubt…

Fingerings 0-5 cover actual fingers (typically 1-5 for keyboard instruments and 0-4 for string instruments).
“Fingerings” 1-7 cover the number of slide positions on a trombone.
Combined 1, 2 and 3 (e.g. “12” and “13”) cover valve combinations on valved brass instruments.

8 and 9 are none of these things, so they’re not possible via the Fingering functionality.

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pianoleo, this makes perfect sense. That is, why the developers must have programmed these two missing numbers into the code… It feels as if someone is peeking over my shoulder and makes sure I don’t mis-use the fingerings for another purpose.

I would like to be able to replace the two missing numbers 8 and 9 with the same font. I tried Playing Techniques and Text objects. So far I wasn’t successful. My Font Styles show Bravura as the Fingering Font and Academico regular as the Fingering Text Font. None of the two look like the displayed fingering font. I must be missing something. This seems unnecessarily complicated…

There’s a fingering section within Bravura that you should be able to find in the right panel of the glyph section in the Playing Techniques editor. These are not text numbers; they do not correspond to the numbers on your computer keyboard.

Well, at least I did say there would be a solid reason… Your knowledge and patience are wonderful! (How is it you aren’t on the Steinberg payroll?)


Thank you so much pianoleo.

Luckily the 8 and the 9 Fingering glyphs do exist in Bravura: