Fingerings for chords, change fingerings


Fingerings in chords
Inputting fingerings for chord with separation comma only seems useful when all the notes of a chord get a fingering. In the attached example this doesn’t seem to work at all. The only way I found to do this: I must select the notehead with the mouse, press Shift-F, 4, press Enter, then select the next note with the mouse, Shift-F, 3, Enter etc, resulting in 11 mouse-clicks and 33 keystrokes for this simple example!

Instead of selecting the entire chord when using the right-arrow, only the top note of the chord should be selected (as in standard navigation without fingering-popover activated). Up- and down-arrows should be used to select individual notes in the chords instead of switching between right and left hand fingering (tab-key or pageUp/pageDown might be used to toggle between right and left hand fingering instead). The example could then be fingered with 1 mouse-click and 27 keystrokes:

  1. Select the e in the first chord with the mouse
  2. Shift-F
  3. 4
  4. down-arrow
  5. 3
  6. down-arrow
  7. 2
  8. right-arrow (selects top note in next chord)
  9. down-arrow
  10. 2
  11. down-arrow
  12. 4
  13. down-arrow
  14. 3
  15. right-arrow
  16. down-arrow
  17. down-arrow
  18. 4
  19. down-arrow
  20. 3
  21. right-arrow
  22. down-arrow
  23. 2
  24. down-arrow
  25. 4
  26. down-arrow
  27. 3
  28. Enter

It is not the 6 keystrokes saved that make the difference, but the 10 mouse-clicks! For chords with all notes having a fingering this method would also be better than the actual procedure. One would just press an arrow-key instead of a comma. In fact to be able to press the comma I have to stretch my hand from the arrow-keys and look at the keyboard to make sure I hit the correct key. With the left hand on the arrow-keys and the right hand on the numeric keypad I would be able to enter fingerings without ever looking at the keyboard, which would be much faster.

Changing fingerings

When calling the fingering-popover on a note with fingering, the fingering is selected by default and ca be changed immediately by pressing the new number/letter. Unfortunately when moving to the next note the fingering is not selected and must be deleted before I can enter the new fingering. I change my fingerings all the time, so please change this!

The issue concerning whether or not the contents of the popover are selected when navigating has been raised before and is on our backlog for future implementation.

I’m not sure we can easily accommodate your suggestion for how fingering input could work, but I do think it would be worth us looking at making it easier to skip over notes in a chord somehow during input for a selected chord.