Fingerings for guitar harmonics

Hi all.

I know the basics of writing fingerings for guitar harmonics, I was just wondering if there was a way to write in which finger they use to fret the harmonic and which fret to use? Basically it’s natural harmonics using the second and third finger on the 7th fret and then the fourth finger on the 12th fret. Is there any way I can do this while also keeping the score and part looking clean?

This is what Dorico can do natively via the Fingerings popover:

For more elaborate markings, you can easily create all sorts of custom playing techniques:

For brackets, you can write a 1:1 tuplet and hide the number, though native support for custom brackets is coming at some point.

For dotted lines and Roman numerals, you may simple want to enter them via the text popover. The Arrow Crafter font is pretty helpful for drawing horizontal lines of all sorts.