Fingerings for orchestral strings - shifts and extensions

I loved what I saw of Dorico in the demo given at the TI:ME conference in San Antonio in 2019. Now I’m a relatively new Dorico user after using Finale for many years and Sibelius before that.

I’m hoping to learn how to input fingerings for orchestral instruments where the finger numbering also indicates a shift or extension. For instance, while 1 would indicate using the first finger an indication of -1 would indicate a shift to use the first finger. In the following example the player would use 1st finger in 3rd position on the A string.

Similarly a marking of x3 would indicate an extension of the 3rd finger to play the given note.

I tried typing -1 in the fingering pop up as I thought that would be the most intuitive solution but that did not work.

I look forward to what is likely to be a simple solution.

Welcome to the forum, brsltx. Please check out this page in the documentation and let me know if you have further questions.