Fingerings have more than 5 in piano scores?

I loooove the fingering option! I was waiting for a long time for this. Just wondering though, when creating them in a piano score, why is it possible to create higher numbers than 5? And they go in opposite directions as well, not following the finger order.
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We support numbers up to seven because there are seven slide positions on a trombone.

Ah, ok. I wasn’t thinking of that. Thanks!

So it’s not so other pianists can express their feelings about certain Rachmaninov chords or Sorabji passages?

And here I thought it was to accommodate scores of PDQ Bach’s concerto for 14-fingered pianists.

Just as the five-staff piano part mentioned in another thread is for that same composer’s arrangement for piano four hands and one foot.

I wondered this, too. Actually I use the number 9 in cello fingerings; would it be too much to ask that since we can go up to 7 we could go all the way to 9?
Congratulations on a wonderful update.

What is to be understood when nine is used as a fingering marking, if you don’t mind me asking?

An extended first finger; it’s a more correct understanding of the “extended position” first described by Duport. The position is actually based on the 4th finger and the 1st finger is extended back. The use of the symbol 9 is arbitrary, since it’s not used by cellists for anything else. Duport’s description of this technique has confused cellists for more than 200 years!

Understood that the trombone has seven positions, and if these are to be regarded as equivalent to fingering, all seven numerals are needed; but why does keyboard notation have to fall in line to accommodate this need? Why is there not simply a line in the metacode that says ???

:slight_smile: David

In case they need an extended 6 finger, right…? :wink:

Are you so regularly hitting 6 & 7 that this is an issue?

No, this was just a first discovery when I started with the new fingering option, and I wondered why this was available for piano scores. No other motivation behind this question :sunglasses: