Fingerings in polyphonic piano music in one go

With polyphonic piano music, the fingerings must always be entered individually for each voice in a system. It would be nice if, when both voices are selected, the fingerings could be entered in one go.

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maybe you could put at the beginning both voices in one system,
after fingering, filter the lower notes and move them to the lower system

Thanks for the tip Fes_Lehu, but I think this method would be more time-consuming than selecting the fingering popover twice. Here is a simple example where it would be practical to enter the 1,2 fingerings at the same time.

If you’re not entering such fingerings “2,1” in the popover, how are you doing it?

Fingerings for multiple voices go above and below with the stem directions, which is not necessary for this example.

I select the upstem voice and enter 2, and then the downstem voice and enter 1. It would be good to do it in one go.

But since both numerals go above (since this is all RH), you can just enter them together.

Or are you saying you want them to display different from the example?

It’s not possible to enter them together, that’s my point. Even if both voices are selected entering “1,2” results in only one number.

Try selecting only the upper note – above which the fingering goes.

This is a case where what’s displayed is not quite as ‘semantic’ as the usual high bar for Dorico.

It’s not working here. Can you give it a try?

So sorry – I’m away from my Dorico computer until Monday evening. I was looking at the User Guide and I guess I misunderstood how semantic Dorico is being! If it won’t accept more than one number because there is only one note, we’ll have to cancel everything I said!

Can someone else pls confirm?

@Juerg_Loeffler is entirely correct and a +1 for the enhancement suggestion. I struggle with multi-voice fingering as well and although I understand why it is the way it is, it would be nice to have the same behavior as, e.g., ties, where one can tie between voices.

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I don’t use Dorico largely because of the fingering issues, but if I recall correctly, one can enter a finger number and an alternate finger number both assigned to a single note. I believe Daniel added an option to have the alternate shown above rather than beside the other number and not shown within parentheses if desired. Perhaps that would work for such cases.

Thank you, @John_Ruggero, for thinking along. Your suggestion of setting an alternative fingering, e.g. “2(3)” actually works when these Engraving options are set:

But it only works with 2 voices. With more than 2 voices, the popover must be opened several times, e.g. here

You are very welome, Juerg. “None” would solve many cases, I guess, but not all, as you point out. I look forward to the day when Dorico provides a more sophisticated fingering tool.