Fingerings in score

Can fingerings be set to display only in parts, and not in the score? I have looked in the manual, and I cannot find this option, if it exists. I know I can scale items to not appear in the score, but as a fingering is part of the note it modifies, that isn’t really possible. Am I missing something here?

A dedicated option is not available–yet.

Ok, good to know I’m not missing something. And, it appears a workaround would be difficult, yes?

Oi! That’s not true!

Brilliant, Florian ! Thank you, although I haven’t needed yet :wink:

Thanks!! I looked - I really did. And the new manual didn’t mention it, not at least what I was able to find.

Brilliant, indeed!


How about bowings and slurs? Is it possible to have them appear only in a part?

Oh, well, I’m doing a sonata. It’s easy enough to make a second, bowed version of the solo part in the full score and choose that one in the layout I want the bowings in.

I don’t know about bowing (haven’t tried), but for slurs, you can Filter for the Slurs, then set the the Custom Scale to 0 - they will disappear from the score. Check, of course, that they appear in the part, but this has worked with other markings (string indications, for example). It is very quick to do the entire movement.

Nope. Mine are still hidden and they have been selected to show in score and parts. Ugh.