Could somebody tell me how to proceed for the fingerings to appear…? Using the popover doesn’t work for me. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum, JeF. Shift-F. No further wizardry required. Are you by any chance trying to put fingerings on to a guitar part?

Also, recommend adding your Dorico version and OS to your signature, which sometimes helps with solutions.

If you are indeed currently trying to input fingerings onto a guitar, mandolin, etc., then I’m afraid there’s a bug that prevents these fingerings from showing up at the moment, due to some infrastructural work that is in progress to better support guitar fingering in a future version. For now, the workaround is to use the Change Instrument feature in the Players panel in Setup mode to exchange your guitar for another instrument: you can use the Edit Names dialog to change its name so that it still appears in your project as a guitar.

Yes it was for guitar. Many thanks for your replies. I’ll wait for the future version and I’ll change instrument until that. Thanks again