Fingerprint not valid anymore?

Hello, I have migrated to new hardware. Amongst all the million things I now have to do to just get back to where I was before is an error message that appears when booting Cubase (11) and Wavelab. (both on dongle)
"Your system fingerprint is not valid anymore, a load of numbers and stored licenses have been disabled.
Despite this it appears to load either program, but am I just waiting for the day that this message bites me in the butt? Any answers gratefully received! :wink:


If your license sits on the USB-eLicenser, then you can ignore this message. The message affects Soft-eLicenses only.

But if you want to get rid of the message, instal eLCC Helper, please. This will generate a new Soft-eLicenser Number. Then go thru the Reactivation process to transfer the licenses from the old Soft-eLicenser to the new one (if there is any).