Finicky Track Names: I have to re-enter track name to make it "stick"...?

This is something I’ve never understood because I’ve dealt with this since I started using Cubase in 2020, both with 11 Pro and 12 Pro: When I create a new Instrument Track and the little pop-up dialog asks me to choose the track’s instrument plugin and settings, it also gives me the option of entering a custom name for the track. The thing is, when I do this, it’s like the name doesn’t officially “stick” within the system; when the track is created, the track name within the project correctly shows the custom name I entered, and it also shows correctly in the MixConsole… however when I create a MIDI track connected to that Instrument Track, under “Output Routing” it doesn’t show the custom name I entered, it instead just shows the name of the plugin used in that track along with the track number (i.e. “2 - Opus,” “3 - Musio,” etc.). In order to make the Instrument custom name appear properly in the Output Routing, I have to double-click the Instrument track name so it goes into Edit Name mode, hit shift-enter on the keyboard, and THEN it shows up properly in the MIDI track’s Output Routing. It does this no matter what Instrument plugin, too; Opus, Musio, Cubase’s integrated synthesizers… Everything. Also, even apart from an attached MIDI track, when I initially create an Instrument track with a custom name, if I open the instrument (“Edit Instrument”), in the pop-up plugin window, I can see the name at the top of the window shows the track number + plugin name, instead of the custom name, and just as with the MIDI Output Routing, when I do the “shift+enter” thing, then the custom name shows up correctly at the top of the plugin window.

Like I said, this has been the case for both 11 Pro and 12 Pro and their various updates for me. Is this an intentional function? And if so, why? It seems really useless and adds an unnecessary extra step. Is there any way to change this? Am I just stupid and missing something (which is entirely likely)?

Cubase 12 Pro, V12.0.70, Build 464
Windows 11

I can confirm this happens. You should add an issue tag to this thread.

Which is the default naming scheme for a Track if you don’t enter a custom name at the time of creation.

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D’oh! Forgot to use that tag, thanks for the reminder.

Also, glad it’s not just me experiencing that. It’s very weird.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.