Finished a mix in Cubase using only internal plugins

Hello guys,
just for share with you that today I’ve decided to mix an entire song in Cubase using only internal plugins.
My curiosity was to understand what is the power that I often ignore only for the typical common mistake that when I have a lot of blasonated third part plugs I need to use only that.
I was wrong.
The Channel strip is very powerful and have sowed me that the internal sonic sonic capability is very strong!
Added the beautiful Frequency on some track that needed compression on some band;
Love the beautiful compressors sound, love the way works all the tree version (standard, Vintage and Tube). The standard on the piano, Vintage on bass, drums, Tube on sax and Master…love it!
Revelation reverb is awesome, delays very powerful.
Magneto on some track give the right support.
Imager and Super Vision are great!

I have a lot of plugin collection from high end brand…today I was curious of what I can grab from the Cubase internal plugins.

the CPU? used only for 25%. Thanks Steinberg!!!
just for share with you :wink:


Glad to hear it man! If you feel like sharing your work… my inbox is open…
I’ve moved from Ableton to Cubase for the Channel Strip and the Mixer.
I love the idea of the channel strip that has all the basic tools I need when mixing. In my ableton days… I was using TBProAudio CS3301. I’m glad I don’t have to pull that channel strip plugin on every track… It’s a time saver… and I’m happy with it as well. Have good time creating!

at the moment I’m not able to share the song because I don’t have the rights to share on the web until the song is published from the artist I mixed for. Anyway I’ll post it as soon as possible. I can tell you that is a smooth jazz modern style song with predominant sax lead, electronic beat with electric real recorded bass and other midi instruments.
I don’t know your music style, I know Ableton as well as Logic Pro that I love too, your choice for Cubase can only give you a lot of great satisfactions for your works, independently they are electronic beat music or acoustic recordings, MIDI management is awesome in Cubase and audio too.
I encourage you to use internal plugins without doubting that they can handle hight level results.
There are a lot of great feature that give me a final product sound perfect and they are also the Melodyne style correction inside the audio editor, the ability to draw the clip volume directly on the audio region on the project window, the audio slicing and quantize and so on…
Cubase 11 give us a lot of news that continue to make it better and better, my first version was in the 1990 on the Atari STE1040 :slight_smile: …I’m waiting only for a real full screen mode on the Mac for a full 100% perfection.
thanks to you and have a good health and music time :wink:


Proves that you can do professional production with any tool as long as you have the skills (This is why I am not professional ;-).
I have done mixes with only Cubase internal and some freeware plugins. What I found is that it is of course entirely possible, but for me it is not necessarily about the last 10% of sound quality, but often about the workflow and how quick I get a result with the tools I use. This is why I e.g. prefer EchoBoy jr over MultiTapDelay, which is just a bit too complicated for me.

The categories where I’d most miss third party plugins is compression and reverb. I somehow don’t like vintage and tube compressor, and I find it hard to get a good clean room or ambience sound from Revelation (it’s better suited for longer verbs imho).
And guitar amp sims, of course. VST amp rack is miles behind the competition, even freeware…

I very much love the channel strip EQ for some quick fixes, no need to pull an extra plugin.


Input trim , high/low pass filters are my favorites , used on every track , what you throw into a plugin is going to weald the results , as they say “you can’t polish a turd” , i find Cubase’s channel strip very transparent and very useful but for colour i use third party but the Cubase stock plugins are very useful


thanks for sharing your experience @fese, I know what you mean. and I think also you are right when speaking about the AmpRack, I don’t use it but I feel there are much better solution out there.
Yes @FilterFreq, I too use it on every track and help me to handle a good signal gain for mixing in total polished way


Oh yes that input gain… know for those who know ableton and the utility device that I have to put on every track to trim gain… I’m so glad that those days are gone! Channel strip is so powerful!