finished product, now what?

no not marketing or whatever
I’ve ~finished 12 songs now are wanting to put this together in (what was called in the old days) an album ta da!
how to manage this in cubase 8.5 pro?
eg fade song A out but keep the guitar from track A going into song B

Is this possible?, i.e. creating an uber track that references other sub-songs, but while listening I can go ‘song 8 sounds crap with the drums, let me change that’
Is this possible at all?

cheers zed

Hi zed - nice; 12 songs done and ready to rock…! :wink:

Ok, ‘Mastering’ is what you need next. Check out the SB YouTube channel for some tips about how to do this in Cubase… Steinberg will rather point you to their Wavelab product of course, which is designed from ground up for this very purpose; though Cubase can achieve a lot too, just not the complete flow to burning a finished CD or preparing a DDP file for manufacture/duplication. The Wavelab ‘Pro’ edition will do all this, but may be overkill - the entry level ‘Essentials’ version might suffice, at a reasonable price point.

Mind, I’ve been using StudioOne (a lot) of late; very elegant ‘one-stop-shop’ workflow there - complete with going back to edit/tweak project mixes, then bringing results back into your mastering project. So, might want to demo that too… :wink:

Good luck,

PS:- I’m lucky in having both WL and CB on the same system and you can get a workflow going, to edit a mix in CB, export, and then Master the results in WL… BUT, its just so really quick and convenient with StudioOne right now… wonder if there will be improvements for this workflow in Cubase 9…?

There’s no right and wrong, whatever works for you.

My standard workflow is

  1. Export in real time through my analogue compressor (even if it’s doing almost no gain reduction) at project bit depth
    Apend filename with VLA
  2. Add to Ozone project and master A/Bing with other tracks, trim and fade here, I set the limiter to -0.4db
    Export, no dithering keeping same bit and sample rate, Append wav filenames with oz7
    3 Import into a wavelab elements audio montage
    Set track levels to suit mood of album and transitions from track to track.
    Put dither on master, cut to CD.

Using this techqinue I can tell which stage any wav is in easily.

You could do most of the above using dedicated Cubase templates.

cheers, Ive used studioone and its good, but looked really bad on my 4k screen (and cubase looks terrible itself cause its not highDPI compatible, but this looked worse for some reason) I did like that studioone was often more logical than cubase, i.e. it just worked, but its a bit late now, as in all songs are recorded in cubase.
OK not really possible in cubase I’ll dig deeper

Hi pulpfiction,

as Puma0382 said, WaveLab is the most appropriate tool for this kind of work. You can actually try both WaveLab Pro and WaveLab Elements for 30 days and see which of those fits your needs better. If you don’t like any of them, you can just uninstall them after the trial period has expired.

All the best,

OK thanks all, sorry for the Delay I’ve been a bit waylaid this week. I’ve downloaded and are giving wavelab a trail. I’ll prolly buy the elements version afterward as its not really software I expect to be using very often (unlike cubase pro)