Finished projects will not open

Are there people here who also have the following issue.
C7.03, 8 core mac
After updating cubase from c5 to c7 I had many problems. Because I was working on 10.6.8 I decided to upgrade my system to 10.7 …

Now this is completed, the problems exist, example “rounded off, or nearly finished projects will not open”.

I use Cubase for my work and not for private purposes and must now downgrade to ensure that I can continue to do my job
What’s the problem here, I asked steinberg for support but i didn’t get any response.
What can I do now,

PPC plugs?

lol, thats a funny answer. But no.

Still no response from Steinberg, i checked the log and found out that i have some issues with 32 bit 64 bit vst. I am running C7.03 32 bit mode and a thew 64 bit vst are crashing my machine. After fixing this i started searching for more issues and yes in found some.

Cubase 7.03 is running OK as standalone but isn’t stable on my machine with Ableton 9 rewired. Using output 1/2 rewired ableton inside C7.03 no problems. But when i example using 25 outputs and start mixing these tracks inside Cubase still everything looks OK, but when i close Cubase and try to open cubase it will crash. I checked this with 5 projects all have the same log error, 01 (Steinberg …)

O before i forgat it did install Cubase on a fresh 10.7 OS X.