finishing a protected hsse library


I’m almost finished with my first real library “sampler v6” and it’s a beast.

I’m still making some presets but now i have to protect the entire thing since unprotected is not what you want.
So i have a bunch of hsse 3 presets with all the necessary attributes, they work and i can make a library with them without a problem.
But how do i protect this library and it’s content.
Do i have to load the hsse presets in H6 and then “save as protected layer” and load these up in the library manager.

Q1: these protected layers, are they HSSE3 layers or H6 layers ?

To distribute a library:

Q2: how do i add a license for it ? I haven’t find anything about that in the manuals ?

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I can’t find it either.

I’m assuming you might could make your own registration and key scheme with the scripting engine.

If you want to generate keys for the eLicenser, my ‘guess’ is that you’ll need to figure what SDK you need, and how to get it. Here’s a link that might help track down someone that can help (dev forums and such).

I was just thinking that it’d be nice if Steinberg (or even a third party enterprise) had some sort of site for selling HALion content, that includes whatever services are needed to generate eLicenser keys. It could work off a commission of sales, or have a regular subscription fee?

Hi Roel.

You can protect your content by locking the layers and exporting as protected vst3 preset.
Content of locked layers won’t be accessible or editable.

The whole procedure would be: create your preset in Halion, lock the layers you want to protect and export the program as protected vst3 preset (don’t lock the entire program, because you won’t be able to export it as hsse layer afterwards). Load the protected preset into Halion and export as hsse layer.

If you are using script modules, you need to add layer protection password to them, because scripts can’t access locked layers by default.

Keep a backup of your original unlocked presets in case you need to change or fix something. Once exported as protected preset, you won’t be able to access the locked layers even though you created them and know the password.

As for the licensing, I don’t think this is possible. Unless you get a contract with Steinberg and they do this for you, or you create your own copy protection system.

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some info about various stages of protecting the content have been answered in this post (by me):
Re: Halion Copy protection.
There’s a note about eLicenser as well.

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