Firebox recording problems (EDIT: digital distortion)

I am using Cubase Elements 6 and have installed firebox. I’m recording in 24-bit/96 kHz and my computer specs are as follows:

Windows 7, 8 gb ram, Intel Core i7-2720QM (quad core) at 2.20 GHz, 64-bit…

When I record i’ve noticed that about 20 seconds into a recording firebox will drop out (the blue light turns red and then back to blue again) and it completely messes up my recording. Also I am experiencing pops and clicks in some parts of the actual recording. I have no other programs running when I’m recording and my system only is using about 40-50% memory and 5-20% CPU, so I don’t think my computer’s spec’s are the problem. I’ve tried adjusting my latency and moved it to 40 ms. This maybe helped a little bit, but not very much as I’m still getting drop outs and pops and clicks. Do you guys have any suggestions to help fix this problem? Is this a problem with me recording at 24/96? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: after doing some research apparently I may have to switch to a “legacy” driver? Does anybody have any clue about how to do this?

EDIT: I didn’t switch my drivers, I just switched my power setting to “high performance” and turned off the wireless internet and killed all background programs and that seemed to work. I recorded 5 minutes at 24/96 with no drop outs or pops and clicks, which is good. HOWEVER, I am now getting some digital distortion (I may have been getting this before, I’m not sure). The input levels on my firebox are all set to zero (straight upwards). If anybody can help me eliminate this digital distortion I would be VERY thankful. Thanks in advance.

Well, if setting the input gains to zero causes distortion, you´ll have to turn them down - that´s the reason why the knobs can be turned in both direction from straight upwards.