Fireface 800 & C7

Hello everyone. I’ve had my Fireface 800 since introduced many years ago. I’ve also been a Cubase user since it was just a midi program while producing small time commercials.

I love the silkyness of my FF800 but RME has not created an updated driver for Windows 8. Is there a sound workaround for this issue? I welcome any advise anyone can offer. Thanks you guys.

It’s never a good idea to just jump to new operating systems or even software that’s on the bleeding edge. I personally will be sticking with windows 7 for a long time and have since uninstalled C7 and will be staying with 6.5 until Steinberg makes it functional again. My advice is to set up a dual boot and use W7. Also, I’m a proud FF800 owner…its never let me down.

Thank you droutloaf for your advice. It makes alot of sense to keep what I have including W7. My system is very stable really don’t want to interupt my workflow right now.

Hi there are work-a-rounds for windows 8, namely the legacy firewire driver, it’s a hassle but it should work (worked for my focusrite safire pro 26 io). Try the RME forum there is the workaround! (Motu forum has also this solution available)

Did you try the current driver listed on RME’s site? It is listed under “Drivers for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 32/64 Bit).”

The latest version is dated 12/19/12:
Windows 7/8 32/64 bit PnP driver for Fireface 400, 800, UCX, UFX, version 3.070.

The 3.070 driver worked perfectly for me in x64 w8 with FF400 (in Cubase 7.0.1 and Wavelab 7.2.1)

Switching to the legacy FW driver did it for me.
Many thanks…
Windows 7 IEEE 1394 Driver With Legacy Option (162 KB)