Fireface 800 midi issue

Hi all,

So far my experience with C7 is great! Loving it!!

However, one issue I found was with my Fireface 800 and midi connected to it.

I have a midi keyboard (Roland A-300) connected via USB. If I open any large project, set the buffer to 96 and play any vsti with the keyboard there is little or no perceivable latency. But if I play via a roland TD4 which is connected via a midi cable into a RME fireface800 I am getting a massive amount of lag before I hear the sound. It seems to be the exact same lag if the buffer is set to 1024 or 96.

Loading an empty project and loading one vsti and both inputs are working perfect so it seems to be only when the project is heavy.

Here is the odd part. I went back into 6.5 to record the midi drums for a track and the same lag is there regardless of the buffer setting. A few days ago I was belting away on the drums in a very heavy project in 6.5 without any issues. It only happened after I installed C7.

I’ve tried a load of things to no avail. Any ideas?

I am pretty sure a midi to USB cable will solve it for now but I thought I’d share in case others are having trouble with this too.