firepod help

Im having trouble recording in channels 3 trhu 8. No levels in cubase. 1 and 2 record, level , work like it used to. I have not used it in about 4 years . Might be something stupid Im doing.

VST Connections- Inputs

I would need more than that. inputs 1 2 active

Correct ASIO driver selected? Correct input buses?

Yep correct ASIO driver Not sure how to check input buses.

VST Connections- Inputs.

All active
line in 34 left and right and so on

What are you trying to record? Same in a new, blank project?

Trying to record a decent demo for a new band.
Always a new project.
Running down the inputs with a mike. CH. 1and 2 everything is fine.
3 - 8 no measure on the meter but do have sound coming thru monitors

Want to do a Team Viewer session to suss it? Let me know via PM.

So… VST System Link
linein 1 2 leftASIO input
lineout 1 2 left ASIOoutput
evertything else 0 and unchecked

On cubase just left side metering stero CH.1 and 2

Also VST inputs
line in 1 2 left
line in 1 2 right. no others… with click active, they won`t stay

VST out
Bus 1 line out 1 2 left nothing to the left of Bus 1

line out 3 4 now an unlite clock appears next to Bus 2


O.K. 1 and 2 not like before. NO STEREO, if this helps.

No stereo. Could a program not be downloaded?