firepro 2626

Anyone currently usng this interface with Cubase? I have studio 4, and I was using (2) Alesis multimix 16 firewire mixers chained together for interfaces, but I sold them a long while ago… Looking at the 2626, but wanna know if its compatible. Thaughts?

well if Studio 4 supports enough physical inputs and outputs and the interface comes with the correct ASIO driver for your OS and your computer has the correct interconnect (usb, firewire, whatever) then Yes.

Yes, it is.

Just in case two times is not enough - Yes, it is. Given what Split wrote…

I know, Spli wrote it right, and very exact. But someone could be frightened. “Of, I don’t know, comec ProFire 2626 with the ASIO drive?” Yes, it comes for Windows XP (32-bit only), Vista/7 32&64-bit, Mac OS X (form 10.4.1 to. 10.7.4). “Have I correct interconection?” I suppose Fstbk272 has FW port.

So PSlit wrote it exactly right, and simply stated: “Can be expecrted: yes, don’t worry!”.

Thanks everyone. Yes, my computer more than supports it, and I have 3 FW connections… I just wanted to make sure, as every spec I’ve read talks about Pro-Tools, nothing about Cubase, and the info I found on “firepro 2626 Cubase” have all been people having problems, just wanted to make sure the hardware is compatible, and it was user error on those other instances.