Firewire conflict with Interface and Controller


I currently have a Steinberg MR816CSX as my interface and i also have a Tascam FW-1884 that I use strictly as a controller. I’ve used this set up for years without a problem. My issue is if I have my Tascam connected, the comp reads the firewire connection fine. As soon as I connect the MR, I lose connection to both. If i connect the MR the connection is fine but as soon as the Tascam is connected, I lose connection to both again. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH TRYING TO USE BOTH ASIO DRIVERS. I know that you cannot do that. Im strictly talking about firewire connection to the PC.

I am using both the onboard firewire port and a firewire card. Again, I had this setup working perfectly for a while and here is when i THINK this issue started happening.

A few months ago I made some upgrades to my PC where I added two SSD drives to my comp. One as my system drive and another for libraries. I still have three other drives installed as well. Here is a STUPID question. Not being super tech when it comes to this, could it be possible that my power supply is not providing enough juice for all this? The current power supply is a Cooler Master 650w that is literally going on 5 years old. Please excuse my ignorance. Any suggestions?

My solution was to buy an additional firewire card for my computer so that two firewire buses would be established within the OS. Once the MR and 1884 were on separate buses I had no problems.