Firewire MR CSX 16 finish? Crashes and disappearing ASIO device on Mac Mojave

Hello, I’m a century old :)) Steinberg user. Most recently I stayed on Mojave with MRCSX 16. Let it be. But lately I’ve been having problems with Cubase crashing, my sound card suddenly disappearing.

I came to work today and I couldn’t see my sound card on the Imac. It’s happened many times before. I rebooted, over and over again. I have read the forums. I did everything related to Apple. I did a reinstall. I made the fireware connection directly.

However, the error I get is always: Can not use Yamaha Steinberg FW driver.

AXR is a fortune in my country. So was the Mrx16 csx. I bought it for a money that could be considered a fortune at the time. Now it’s garbage.

I guess Steinberg doesn’t need us anymore.

macOS mojave 10.14.6
imac late 2013
3.5 intel core i7
32 gb 1600 mgh ddr