I’m running a p7p55d deluxe mobo,windows xp sp3

looking to get the mr816 csx
im already running cubase 6

do i need a firewire card even tho i have them via my mobo

if so any recommendations,looking to buy tomorrow


If you have firewire on your motherboard you shouldn’t need an additional card, however audio interfaces can be very picky about what firewire chipset you have. Should you encounter problems with your new MR818, your best bet is getting a firewire card with a TI chipset, they are usually recommended for audio work.

I know of the problem with the chipset , thats why i figured i ask just in case someone has used it via there motherboard and didn’t have to buy a separate fw card ,

any recommendations on which card to get?


The p7p55d has got a Via firewire chipset, which should do the trick nicely…


on my desktop i insalled a firewire card with VIA chipset (before i had the MR816) for camcorder connection,when
i bought the MR816 i connected it to the FW card and there was nothing i could do to work with it. then i bought a FW card with TI chipset and it worked right away.

on my laptop sony vaio f13 i have onboard fw card with Ricoh chipset which is not recomended to work with MR816 by steinberg, and i had lot of problems indeed, but i manged to let the MR to work with it after many tweaking.

well conclusion. its hard to tell untill u have it hoked up to ur computer.
good luck with it. :wink: