Firewire Questions

I have ordered a firewire interface, and chosen this above usb 2.

And (as you do) I have looked around forums.

I see many compatability pitfalls on forums, and so have ordered a new firewire PCIe interface in case my motherboard one doesn’t cut it.

I am concerned about how careful you have to be ‘hot swapping’ - in the past if i’ve ever downloaded a dodgy freeware plug in, it tends to cause Cubase to drop my soundcard…i simply unplug the usb, re plug it and im away again after its re installed

with firewire do i have to be a lot more careful than this? (never really used anyting via firewire previously)

Hoping not gonna regret going firewire!!!

Key to IEEE1394 is a Texas Instrument chipset. No, firewire is different than USB, it is plug and play, but not hot swapable.