firing waves whats good out there?

:imp: Getting ready to fire waves… I really dont want to wait any more for therm to get their plugs running at 64 bit.
What good alternatives are there?? I have gotten used to to them and I am of the loop as to what is current. Just need some good mastering and reverbs.

have you tried them with jbridge? i’m using waves vocal rider and ir-l with cubase 6, 32 bit but have just installed the 64 bit cubase to try. didn’t work with cubase bridge but jbridge did the job for about £15 or so.

Nugenaudio SEQ1 linear phase equalizer

PSP: Xenon limiter / Mastercomp compressor

IK: CSR reverb - T-racks3 opto comp

Overloud - Breverb

Liquidsonics: Reverberate with some good impulse of hardware like Studiodevices

Heard great things of Aether reverb but never tried.
The others works well and get the job done. CSR and Breverb are not that different. I guess you don’t need both.
Personally, since I bought the TC R4000 I use software reverb only occasionally. The only one I use is the Liquidsonics with impulses of hardware units.
I am not sure they are all 64bit ready.

I highly recommend Cytomic ‘The Glue’ for compressor duties, a bit of a hog resource wise but very customiser-able with over sampling settings which can reduce the load on your system.
I also would recommend Acustica-Audio ‘Nebula Server Bundle’, not for the faint of heart, as the learning curve is somewhat steep. Nebula can be used as an excellent reverb unit, tape simulation/saturation and EQ with the supplied, and third party libraries. Cutting edge technology at work there.

Also Voxengo products are very highly regarded by most people, great value.



Apparently, the big hold-up for Waves & a lot of other 3rd Party companies is that iLok isn’t going to release 64bit drivers until they are stable/secure. Waveshell runs fine under JBridge in Cubase 6 64bit though. I’ve got a Nocturn controller and even Waveshell wrapped in Automap wrapped in JBridge works fine. However, to answer your question…

Valhalla DSPs reverbs are getting a lot of love on various forums at the moment:

As well as DMG Audios EQuality & COMPassion, which are attempting to be ‘the only EQ/Compressor you’ll ever need’ and offer lots of options. I really liked the demos of these, but I had all the bases covered already:

+1 for Cytomics The Glue, an SSL Bus compressor clone but also a great little all-rounder:

I was going to say Abbey Roads VSTs are half-price at the moment, including the Mastering Pack, but then realised I’m actually running their stuff under JBridge too so it’s only 32Bit:

thanks all this is a great forum

Not so sure if that’s the reason cause they have already released 64bit drivers a while ago:

Anyway, nice selection of plugins.

Beany, I mean this in the best possible way, please do your research before posting, it might lead people up the ‘garden path’ :wink:.



@ Mauri :wink: - Fairplay & no offence taken. I was paraphrasing something from the Gearslutz forum, but you’re right to call me out on it as this is the way rumour becomes truth on the internet searches for link:

Tony Belmont of Plugin Discounts: 'No. You are correct. Everyone is waiting for Pace to release 64 bit drivers for the new copy protection layers. FG-X uses the old layer system.

Nobody is going to release anything 64 bit until Pace is ready.’

@ Subpantelis - You are entirely correct, the drivers are out there but, from personal experience, they are still buggy. For example the Slate Digital 64bit VCC was released but as soon as I clicked on the GUI it disappeared. Others aren’t even recognised by Cubase 5 or 6, also personal experience. Each instance has been ticketed with the respective manufacturer.

@ Mike Harper - welcome to the Forum! Lots of genuinely helpful people on here.

Aloha guys,

I occasionally use some IK stuff.
BrickWall Limiter sounds clean and the 670 comp is nice and ‘brown’ sounding.

But to my ears, nothing sounds quite like a full blown Waves rig.

Or costs as much. :slight_smile:


OK, re-reading everything I realise I didn’t word my pre-amble correctly at all - entireley my bad. What I meant to say is that, IMHO, Waves and other 3rd Party Plug-In companies are waiting for iLok to release stable PACE drivers. I guess iLok must be happy with the new security layers to have released them at all.

I also want to say that I applaud Slate Digital for the VCC & I bought it whilst it was still in Beta. I totally understand that they were keen for all their customers to get the full-release 64bit version as soon as possible.

I trully believe that waves is overrated. I’d tried UAD plugs and any of them is pleasing, tried Sonnox, great but not as pleasing as UAD, tried LiquidMix (Focusrite) Nice and pleasing but not good supported/updated (64 bit platform isn’t 100% ready but usable!), tried SSL Duende native great!

i’m a uad user and used to have powercore. i also spend money on plugins from lexicon, izotope etc. all the usual big names. waves were always overpriced in the past. but it seems in the last 6 months their pricing is much better. so i now have vocal rider, ir-l reverb and trans-x transient shaper.
vocal rider is excellent and does something my other plugins can’t. ir-l i bought to make sure i have a good convolution reverb if my wizooverbs ever die (reverence is ok, but like most of us i tend to forget the steinberg plugins out of laziness!). trans-x i just bought and although to my mind all transient designer type plugins are not as good as some people say, this one will be useful. used it on a drumloop today and it gave the client what they asked for; a punchier sound. at the asking price it was worth it.

don’t miss sknote has some excellent plugins for dirt cheap… stripbus/gts-39/reverb bundle/tape/presence. all $29.00 bundles

duende is excellent the price as well, high end