Firmware Update Version

I have updated my MR816CSX to the latest drivers and firmware v1.6.

The Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver Screen shows :

Boot v1.00
Main v1.10
IEEE1394 v1.02

Why does it not show v1.6 for the IEE1394 driver.

Can users / mods post answers to the following

What version information do you show after v1.6 update?
How do you know if an update has worked correctly if these version information readings do not update?



the software version number shows up on the about page. what you’re looking at is the hardware versions. :slight_smile:

My 816CSX and 816X’s arrive today, so I don’t know yet what firmware version I’ll get. Has the firmware update been problematic for anyone? I’m looking for info on how to do the update with daisy chained 816’s so any advice ia appreciated.

Well, this is pretty standard, but when you’re doing a firmware update only connect one device at a time. Make sure it works and is recognised by the computer before doing the upgrade.
After that, don’t turn it off unless the updater tells you to. Once it’s totally done check it out to make sure it still works, then you can unplug this one and move on to the next one.

You should have no problems that way.

oh, and of course follow the instructions in the firmware installer exactly, no skipping steps. :smiley:

The download page says that firmware update V1.10 allows independent control of master and headphone levels. Are there any other advantages? I use a monitor controller that has an independent headphone amp in it, so this doesn’t look to be worth the risk to me.