Firmware updates and DAW access on iPad?

Hey guys,

I’m looking to purchase a UR242 to use with my iPad and Cubasis 2.5. I also want to utilize the dspMixFx iPad app as well. Can the dspMixFx iPad app update the UR242’s firmware and also can it access the DAW (Cubasis 2.5) ? Like you would on a computer. Or are there limitations to using it with the iPad?

I couldn’t seem to find an exact answer for that one. Thanks all in advance, :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi desertpeaks,

UR firmware updates are available for Mac and Windows.

Here are the links of our hardware related websites, with lots of information:

Hope that helps!


Thanks Lars!

Yes, I’ve seen that info too. Thank you about the firmware info. But, what about the DAW fader? Does that access Cubasis? Thanks!

Any other users know the answer?

…any users out there know this answer??? I would like to buy one of these and really would like to know this before purchasing. Kind of a deciding factor.

Thank you.

I figured I would try to bump this as I can’t find an answer for this… regarding the DAW fader in dspMixFx…