first 15-20 made with cubase

and renoise rewired

I think for the genre you’re aiming at you achieve the results really well. Seems to have all the correct elements in there for a rap guy to do his thing over so good job so far :slight_smile:

some really interesting sounds goin on there…have you ever thought about graduating to producing an actual song ? or is that not what you do with this genre of music…no offense meant…just asking, Kevin

This is a couple of years old… so yeah I do whole songs 2 but right now im looking for rappers to spit some bars on my beats! I rap myself 2 but I rarely get any inspiration for writing from my own beats!

Nice work! Looking forward to more.

What great music. You have all the elements for great wrap songs, just find a wrapper to fill in the wrapping in for you and you’ll be off to the Grammy’s !