First and Default Master pages


I have a project with 3 flows. I want flows 1 and 2 to be on page 1 and flow 3 on page 3. I have created a Master Page Set called Default Dance which has 2 master pages: First and Default. I have edited the First master page to have two music fames, one for flow one and another for flow 2, then edited the Default master page to show flow 3.

When I view the project in Engrave I only see page 2 (the default page). If I remove one of the frames and just leave First with one frame I get to see the first page. Essentially, as soon as I add a second music frame onto the First master page I only get to see the Default page with flow 3.

As so often with Dorico, the answer will be obvious - once it’s pointed out to me…

thanks in advance.

Have you tried doing a Master Page change on Page 1 to your First Page MP?

Thanks Craig. Yes I could do that, but it seems like defeating the purpose of having the First Page MP. I’m misunderstanding something fundamental to do with layouts, I’m just not certain what.

I cannot understand why my first page disappears as soon as I add a second flow.


We’re going to need to see the project. Feel free to delete most of the notes first, then zip it and attach it here.

It could be something simple but (from experience) it’s a long guessing game ahead without actually seeing the project.

I think because you put 2 flows on the first page, it disrupts Dorico’s normal flow chain.

Out of curiosty I tried to reproduce what you are aiming at and on my system it works.
I now have flow 1 and flow 2 on page one and page one uses MP First
I have flow 3 on page two and page two uses MP Default
I guess Craig F gave you already the solution.

In your first post write:
“I have a project with 3 flows. I want flows 1 and 2 to be on page 1 and flow 3 on page 3.”
I assume you mean:
“I have a project with 3 flows. I want flows 1 and 2 to be on page 1 and flow 3 on page 2.”

After creating the appropriate Frames and after assigning the appropriate flows I had to do what Craig F mentioned because otherwise I could see only the “Default” master page.

Try this:
Go in Engrave mode
Right click on the page and choose "Insert Master Page Change "
Choose these values:
From page: “1”
Use master page: “First”
Range: “Current Page Only”

It should work.

Thanks Teacue (et al.), If I insert a Master Page change for page 1 it does indeed work as I want it to, I’m curious as to why. I’ve attached a stripped down version of what I’m talking about. If I go into the master page editor and take away the second flow then the First page appears with just this flow, if I add a music frame for the second flow, then only the default page appears.

I have tried making each of the music frames open to all of the the flows, I thought I could then adjust the frame size to fit the first flow, then the second to fit the second etc. I thought that the frame chain would flow from the first frame then into the second but again as soon as I add a second music frame onto the First page, it only shows the default.

The reason for this by the way, is that I play in a Scottish Dance band and I have a Dorico project with many individual tunes. When I want to arrange a number of tunes for a specific dance I will import the necessary flows into a new project and do a little tweaking to make it look as I want. I’m trying to create a project that will serve as a template for each new dance.

Thanks for all your help up to now. (470 KB)

Not sure what you are further searching.
With a Master Page Change everything is working as it should.

I have edited your file and attached it.
Beside inserting a Master Page Change I have also changed a few things:

. All three flows were assigned to the first frames, I assigned one flow per frame
. I unlinked the third frame in order to make it on his own
. There are now three frames: MA, MJ and MK and they can each host their own flow

BTW if I understand you correctly you would like a template where each frame would be automatically feed with a new flow?
I don’t think that at the moment Dorico is able to do this.
You will always have to manually override each page and assign each flow to its own frame. (474 KB)

Thanks for your time and help teacue. I’m happy enough to make a Master Page change for page, the project does what I want.

There’s something about master pages and layouts that I’m not getting, but it’s not stopping me doing work and it’ll come clear eventually.

Thanks again


Peter, forgive me if the suggestion is too obvious, but have you watched the excellent YouTube tutorials on master pages on the Dorico channel? I watched about half a dozen on the subject and learned everything I’ve needed to this point.

There is one in particular that deals with inserting master page changes and modifying music frames, though I can’t remember exactly which.