First and last bar

Hello all,
I would like an upbeat and a final bar together to have the value of a bar again. How I create an upbeat is clear to me, but in my opinion I have created the final bar somewhat “roughly”. Example: 4/4 bar with one beat as upbeat shift-M 4/4,1; works. Final bar then has 3 beats shift-M 4/4,3; also works, but Dorico now generates a new 4/4 sign. I made these characters invisible with the help of “User-defined scaling” by setting them to 0. Is there a more elegant solution?


Easy way : put the caret where you want the music to end, shift-b, end (or double pipe, or whatever). Then with the system track, remove the extra bar at the end.
Edit: it’s “fin” and not “end” in the popover

Hi Marc, thanks. That works, except now I get a repeat sign at the end. Strange…

I think Dorico should have a Notation Option to handle this automatically…
Edit: Please consider this a feature request! :sunglasses:

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ah ok, and where.

Because it’s so difficult?

No, because Dorico and its developers seem to take pride in a piece of software that makes things easy for users, employs musically semantic intelligence, is accessible, intuitive and generally just “does the right thing, automagically”. :+1:

Type “Fin” insted of “end”. Start und end give you the repeat barlines for the begining and end of a section to be repeated and Fin gives you a final bar.