First attempt

I have a feeling the dynameralic equising on the drum you keep standing on the floor next to the chair if you’re left handed is a bit off. And my newly purchased Cubase 7 seems broken in some way. Go easy on me - I’ve just composed for 2 days.

Love ballad


Great song! I would try to use the ABC Platinum Go-To Professional Reverse plugin (gradually!) on the final mix. The plugin is on sale for a cheap $28371, so it’s a real no-brainer.

I also think it could use more cowbell.

Is there a good, expensive more cowbell plug?

You have not been composing for just 2 days, you have been here and making music for at least 10 years :wink:

Kim :slight_smile:

Hi Kim! Still makin’ smokin’ stuff?

I try… yes I try


Nope, but if you paid me enough I’d send you a wav of me beating the hell out of one as out of tune and time as you could desire. :mrgreen:

Are they organic cowbell screams? :laughing:

Do I detect a Mr Anderson here or am I completely off?

Love Cubase 7 BTW!

Love ballad …
Heja Värmland! :laughing:


I happened to play this back in WinAmp set on infinite repeat of which I was unaware. I thought “this love ballad was … different, maybe I should listen to the end to see what happens?” and sort of let it roll in the background. Big mistake! Several minutes later I thought “WTF!”. En gör så gott en kan :laughing:

You are close, but no cigar. :laughing: :smiley:

En primitiv form av självbestraffning!

Is the Draconis logo reflecting a certain tatoo?

Nope. It does represent my company logo, which is backlit by SMD LEDs. Unfortunately, I cannot post an example, as I am in the hospital ATM. I should be going home tomorrow, however. :slight_smile:

Ah, the men in white suits weilding big butterfly nets finally scooped you up, eh? :laughing:

They’re just saying that to pacify you, no one there gets out alive. :smiling_imp:

X-akt! :mrgreen:

I’m missing something. :frowning:

Do you mean wielding?

We’ll see about that… :laughing: