First chair players: Can I adda soloist to a section?

I am still fairly new to Dorico, but have now decided to permanently switch from Finale for most of my work.

I really like the way Dorico handles changing instruments within the part for a single player. Is it possible to do this with string section and add a first chair soloist that is only indicated when needed? I do not see the “add player” “+” button in the setup slots for my string sections. I realize that I could do it by setting up separate players and condensing.

A related question: What would be preventing my three trumpet parts from condensing together? I have been into the Advanced settings and tried everything (I think).

Thanks in advance for any help. I did do a search for “first chair” etc. before posting, but I may just not know exactly how to ask.


Yes! This is the divisi feature. If you look up “Dorico divisi,” you should find all the info you need. If you get stuck, check back here. You’ll love it.

Short version: right click, Staff, divisi.

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For your condensing question, there are many things that could be the cause, and most of them will be project specific. Start by posting a screenshot, but don’t assume that that will be sufficient - we may need to see a cutdown project in order to know what’s going on.

Very helpful and quick replies! I thank you, and will try what you suggest.

Thank you! This may be what I need. --DS

If you want it to play back properly, you’ll need to do some extra faffing about.

What I do is enable the “per voice” setting on play tab, and then in the solist divisi stave enter all the notes on, say, upsteam voice 3 or 4 (something way past what I’ll use in the normal part) so that voice can be assigned to a soloist/section leader patch.

Thanks, TylerE. I was just about to follow up with that very question.