first crash!! - autosave? and delete empty final measure

So far, Dorico is remarkably stable. However, sadly, I had my first crash. Even more sadly, it happened when I was trying to delete a final empty measure.

I tried using delete to do this, but couldn’t get that to work. Then I found the shift-b command (on this forum). That wouldn’t work in the final measure, but it did work at the end of the previous measure. However, that messed up the duration of my final note. So I deleted back to where I would enter the final note, tried to re-enter it, then – spinning wheel of death…

Lost about 90 minutes of work, just as I was getting to the very end of a first project.

Two questions:

  1. Will you (please!!!) add an “auto-save” feature? As a Finale user, I have come to depend on this.

  2. What is the best procedure to delete a final measure – that is, if one gets to the end of a work and sees an extra empty measure, what is the best way to get rid of it?

David F

Write menu -> Trim Flow


Thanks! So THAT’S what that means!

I’m really sorry you lost some work. We do plan to add an auto-save feature very soon, perhaps in the first 1.0.10 update, and if not, then very shortly thereafter.

Thanks Daniel – for your reply, and for the fabulous work you and Dorico folks have done. This has SO much potential.

Just lost 3 hours of work! Actually the program did not feel like frozen, could still select menus but hey did not do anything (like save**^$^%#)
All Mac programs have autosave, also MuseScore always has saved the work.

Just lost 3 hours of work! Actually the program did not feel like frozen, could still select menus but hey did not do anything (like save**^$^%#)
All Mac programs have autosave, also MuseScore always has saved the work.

I’m very sorry that you lost so much work. We do plan to implement auto-save very soon. In the meantime, one forum user suggested that a utility like Forever Save could help avoid this situation until we’ve got this implemented.

Just tried 1.1, congratulations with many improvements. The app crashed very soon and I could not discover an autosaved version or option for autosave. Do I overlook something?

Dorico 1.1 does not introduce auto-save (we would have mentioned it if we had), I’m sorry to say, but it is still something we plan to add soon.

I’m sorry that the application crashed and you lost some work. If you want to send me the crash log (from ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports) I will ask the team to take a look and we’ll see if we can work out why the crash occurred so that we might fix it in future.

How the f***can it be so hard, after ALL THIS TIME, to not add auto-save to this program? It is the easiest thing on the planet and assures people that they won’t lose several hours of work if they happen to forget to save or Windows crashes once again. Are you seriously that disinterested in making Dorico a serious composition tool?

Dear robingiesbrecht,

Judging by the message Daniel sent on 07 Nov 2016 and by the fact that this auto-save feature is not yet implemented, I understand this is not a simple thing to implement. And SOOOOO MANY other things have been implemented (and this is a feature you can add with an external program, while cues, chords or unpitched percussion could not) I suggest you breathe deeply next time you post on this forum :wink:

I’m very sorry that you have lost work, robingiesbrecht. We absolutely do plan to add auto-save to Dorico, but doing so is not trivial, and I’m afraid it has not yet risen to the top of our priority list.

In all honesty: I don’t see any priority for Dorico to implement this. I work with so many other software products, and almost none of them does autosave my work.
I really can’t understand how anyone would work for more than 10 minutes without hitting the save button.

Same goes for versioning, to be honest. To me it’s a perk that Dorico seems to save the last few “saves” of a project in the backups folder, but it’s not something I trust my various programs or operating systems to do automatically - one needs a robust backup solution that is designed to backup every saved version of every important project.

(And no, a Dropbox free account is NOT designed to do this!)

Mac users are used that documents are automatically saved in Apple apps like Pages, Numbers etc…
It should really have priority for Dorico for one spends so much time in music files!
I am still waiting for a major update, from figured bass, more baroque ornaments…
It is quIte silent from the development team…

The Development Team is not going to announce the updates they are planning for the next upgrade until they are certain they can actually include them in the upgrade. That is not only policy; it is common sense.

Looking forward!

I’d take the opposite point of view, if I may.

Given that it’s not an easy thing to do, I’d prefer the team to concentrate on something else.

After all, it takes less than a second to put the thumb on Cmnd and tap the ‘S’ key with the forefinger.

OK, well maybe a full second.

OK well maybe 1.5 seconds :smiley:

I can see how for a mac user that relies only on MuseScore and Apple-made apps, the lack of an auto-backup facility in Dorico could be irritating.

On the other hand, those of us that have jumped ship from Sibelius have never been able to trust its backup (dys)function, and those of us who use Microsoft Office on a mac have only had auto-backup since January this year (and it only works if you’re on Office 365 subscriber).

From where I’m sitting, Cmd-S really ought to be hardwired into the brain of the user - let’s face it, most of us have been using computers since long before auto-backup was really a thing, in any software.