First crash in a long time just now

V 2.2.20

One project, two windows open each containing a different layout.

I think I was keying Alt + down-arrow on a note at the time (not sure).

Diagnostic report attached.
Dorico (539 KB)

Sorry to hear about this crash, Pete. Is the problem reproducible, or were you able to make that edit successfully when you restarted Dorico?

No problem Daniel. Edit worked OK after restart so not apparently reproducible. To be frank I couldn’t believe it happoened as it’s been many months since I last crashed! Didn’t lose much either.

I also experienced my first crash in literally months the other day. No idea what caused it; not reproducible and I had just opened a score that had been previously saved so it was a non-issue. It made me really grateful for how stable Dorico is day in and day out.