First crash report

Just had my first crash. Nothing serious; an autosave spared me the worst. Here’s a diagnostics report just in case it helps. I was inputting lyrics at the time.
Dorico (1.2 MB)

Unfortunately there’s nothing much in that crash report that would allow us to identify what actually happened. As always, if you encounter a reproducible problem, please let us know.

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In addition to the case of the iPad score that crashes D4 reliably which I’ve emailed to you privately, I’ve also discovered that D4 is very unreliable about sensing my M-audio USB midi keyboard. It is always plugged in and turned on. I can boot up D4 and it will not communicate with the keyboard, and I can then close D4 and boot up D3.5 and 3.5 has no trouble whatsoever.

For what it’s worth, D4 has no issues detecting my M-Audio USB keyboard on my 7 year old MacBook Pro running Big Sur.