First Cubase 6 track

Hi all,

I’m Jim and I’m new to this site, but I’m here 'cos I just got Cubase 6 last Friday and this is the first track I have made with it! :smiley:

I am a bit old to be making music ( I was 58 last month! ) but this is what I really love to do so I will keep on doing it!
My equipment list is:
Sony Vaio laptop
Phonic mixer
£15.00 Strat copy
Oxygen 25 keyboard

I have done all this this through headphones so I would really appreciate critique on the sound and mixing!!

Thanks guys & gals,

Jim B

Hiya Jim. Welcome. This is a great intro to your music. I like the song but have a few nits. There are gaps where not very much is happening, at 00:30-00:42 for example. That’d be an ideal place for a vocal (or lead instrument) to come in. Try and write some parts for these places. It’ll make the piece even more interesting than it already is :sunglasses:

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the feedback.
I know exactly what you mean and I am already working on some lyrics ( if my vocals are up to it! ) I didn’t want to put any more guitar in there 'cos the idea was it “blossoms” at the end.
Strangley this is how I put my stuff together! Because I cant read or write music, everything is by ear and I just sort of let the sound develop - but with a view to putting some vocals on there eventually!
With this tune I was in the garden when the musical line “hit me” and I have to get it down in a basic form then build on it!
That being said how did the mix sound to you?

Jim B

Hi Jim, welcome. Sounds like the song has a long way to go, you’ve just outlined a section or so. Keep going! The overall balance sounds ok to me.

The mix comes off as being in mono, but for this type of rocker I think that’s quite apropos. The balances seem good to me. Personally, I’d take a bit of the “point” off the kick drum. I look forward to hearing lyrics/vocals