First Cubase 7 Project

Here’s a new one. It’s not completely finished but I thought I’d share it anyway.

a proper pop song ,opening riff is too much like “walk right back” or “harvest moon” . still it`s an excellent quality recording as i have come to expect from you , what do you use for the kit ,is it real or other ,it sounds excellent .

Thanks for listening. I am playing the drums with my eKit triggering the Americana drum pack in Superior Drummer 2.0 then bouncing the performance to individual wav files and from there mix them in Cubase as you would any real drum kit. The drum playing is kind of basic because I am primarily a guitar and bass player.

Latest mix

I thoroughly enjoyed this. It’s a good song and production is really crisp. The vocals are performed and sound great.


Yeah, nice recording…well done, Kevin

What a great song. I’m crazy about the guitar playing in this piece and the instrumentation, they blend together in an interesting fashion. Crisp clear sound, very professional. Michael.

Yes, nice song. I like the ‘retro’ sound, great playing and production.


Wow, right out of my transistor radio in the '60’s. And I was born in 1983! Well maybe earlier. Anyway, what a vehicle for Diana Ross! Nicely done! Great mood created by this one.

Yes! Top 40 AM Radio circa 1971! Where my heart truly is :sunglasses:

My only crit is the vocal is too dry… but just a bit of room verb on it, and we’re perfect :sunglasses: