First Cubase recording - AElfwyn's Saga, symphonic overture

Hi folks,

I’m a new Cubase user who just migrated from Sonar, and this is the first recording I have done using Cubase Pro 9.5

It is a symphonic arrangement using the following libraries:

Strings: Albion ONE (all spiccato/staccato/sustain strings parts), 8Dio Anthology Strings (prominent legato string parts), Sonokinetic DaCapo (sordino-ish quiet string parts)

Brass: Hollywood Brass, NI Symphonic Essentials Brass Ensembles, Kontakt Library’s included VSL patches

Woodwinds: Garritan Personal Orchestra 5, Halion Symphonic Orchestra, Miroslav 2 CE

Percussions: Kontakt Action Strikes, Hollywood Percussion, NI Symphonic Essentials Percussion, Halion Symphonic Orchestra, Albion ONE Darwin Percussion (Easter Island strikes)

Other bits and pieces: Epic Worlds, Era II, Ethera 2.0, Sampletank 3 Alan Parsons Grand Piano, Albion ONE Stephensons Steam Band

Plugins Used: not too many – Nimbus reverb by Exponential Audio over entire mix, a couple instances of TRacks5 Opto Compressor & one instances of Master EQ 432

Any comments or feedback would be appreciated. And I must say, while I was really saddened to see Cakewalk go down, I am really enjoying getting to know Cubase. It is an outstanding program.



Nice track.

Welcome, sorry you lost support for your DAW. My brother and sister both moved over to Cubase in the last years, where I’ve been for many years. So now it’s a family thing! So welcome to the family!

Anyway, hope this works for you. Based on this recording, it does indeed. I am enjoying your composition and use of plugins, even if I am no expert on how you’ve put this together.

Thanks for posting!

Very nice track

Thanks for the kind words, folks. Much appreciated.

I have to say, I’m really, really liking Cubase. Seeing Cakewalk shut down was sad – I used Sonar for a long time – but changing to Cubase has been a really positive experience. Must be honest: if Cakewalk came back tomorrow, I wouldn’t be going back. I wrote all of “AElfwyn’s Saga” in Sonar, and used it to create many versions of the piece while developing the music, but rebuilding it from scratch in Cubase was easier and more satisfying, and I was very happy with the results.

Very nice track. Thanks for posting.

Nice piece. Is Aelfwyn a real (presumably) Anglo-Saxon figure? Liked the composition and recording. All sounded good to me.

Hi Rob, Nice to see you over here. I too have found working in Cubase and reconstructing tracks easier than I did in Sonar.

I really enjoyed this track, very nice arrangement and has that epic orchestral feeling. Nice job.

Thanks, Biodiode! Appreciate the listen.