First Cubase track - Out Beyond the Seawall - post-downtempo/rock/idk

first track done in Cubase–really happy with how it turned out. :slight_smile:

Out Beyond the Seawall | Slow Robot (


Very nice :slight_smile: what RMS and peak do you have?

if you want it louder and more balanced i can fix that for you :slight_smile:

hey, thanks for listening! I’m not sure about RMS—I think I targeted -13 LUFS. I’m not interested in the loudness wars and I’m happy with the balance, but appreciate the kind offer! :blush:

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Interesting tune, it just gets better as it goes along.

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Nice one, I thoroughly enjoyed listening.

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thanks for the kind words—glad you enjoyed it!

The offer whas that i gett free learning :wink: i sounds realy good

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First track in Cubase, but obviously not your first track! You do know what you are doing, and it sounds great. Welcome to Cubase!

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Nice track. almost a 70’s-80’s vibe to it. :grinning:

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thank you for that, I’m really happy people are enjoying it!

yes, definitely not my first track–I’m old. :laughing:

and that’s awesome to hear that it’s got a classic vibe to it…I love music from all eras, so it makes me glad to hear that comes through in my own music (at least sometimes).

Nice work on this. I like the song, performance, and overall vibe. Have you listened to Syd Arthur? They are/were a British band that sort of revived the Canterbury rock thing from the 70’s. This reminded me a bit of that, although the voice here wasn’t very much like their lead singer. I do get something of a Prog sense with this. That might be because the bass sounded like a Rickenbacker. Guessing you’re responsible for all of this, but it might be more of a band project, nice work no matter what in putting it all together.

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thank you!!! I hadn’t heard of Syd Arthur, but I’m checking them out now. awesome that you picked out some prog vibes in this…I listen to a lot of modern art/prog music, and I think it seeps into many of my songs in one way or another.

I wish it were a band project! my actual band sometimes struggles to get into the more progressive elements I like (tempo/time signature changes, odd transitions, etc.), so slow robot is mostly just a solo thing that allows me to explore that stuff when I want.

very much appreciate the kind words and feedback! thank you for listening!